10 Apps That Every College Student Needs to Use


With the right apps, a phone can become a little superhero for college students.

1. myHomework


One of the most challenging skills that every college student needs to master is the ability to balance and organize all of the various assignments they have for different classes. myHomework lets you enter all class information down to the room and building of the class. It formulates schedules for you and syncs that with the due dates for assignments on certain class days.You can classify your calendar objects by readings, quizzes, tests, homework, etc.  Everything is color coded, organized, and detailed. When you are finished with assignments, you check complete and it prioritizes what’s next on your list. This app is like an agenda on steroids and you’ll love it.


2. AnyList


This app is great for those college students living with roommates. AnyList creates sharable grocery lists between roommates and even categorizes all of the food in the list. At any time, those sharing the list can cross something off. So, if you’re on your way back from class and grab milk at the store, you can cross that off and your roommates won’t pick it up also. Or maybe you see that you guys need eggs and you add it to the list at that second. It is also great for grocery shopping together so you can coordinate equal contribution to the house. It even has different kinds of lists of other household items, such as pet supplies and hardware.


3. Your College’s App


A lot of colleges have their own app and students don’t even know about it. These apps are built by the university to satisfy specific needs of students and are really useful. My university app has access to our online learning center, campus email, and even GPS navigation to certain buildings on campus that I may have trouble finding. Universities create these apps as a valuable resource for students and you should definitely check out if there is one available to you.


4. PayPal


PayPal can do so much more than provide a safe way to online shop. PayPal can receive and transfer money from multiple bank accounts. It can also do this with your friends and family. So, say you and your roommate want to split a case of beer or one of you picks up a bunch of groceries, with PayPal, it takes fifteen seconds to pay them back. Plus, the app offers great promotions and coupons, and all college kids love coupons, right?


5. LinkedIn


Essentially, this is just a way of saying you should absolutely have a LinkedIn account in college, and one that you are active on enough that an app would be useful. I cannot stress enough the importance of building your online resume and networking while you are still in college. When it comes time to apply for internships and entry-level job positions, your connections and professional preparedness will make all of the difference. Make an account, build upon it, and use it regularly with this app. DO IT.


6. Any.Do

IMG_9416 (1)

Any.Do is another way to organize your tasks, but this app is formulated to create more short term to-do lists rather than calendars of assignments. It’s perfect for every day reminders and is a clean-cut way to keep yourself on track with all of the little and big tasks that you have for that day.

7. Mint.com


The Mint.com app is an amazing tool for budgeting and keeping your finances straight. It lets you connect your  banking accounts, credit cards, and everything to keep tabs on your balances and expenses. Furthermore, it helps you to make budget plans and really stay on track with spending, saving, and paying bills. College life is full of little expenses and larger bills you may not have ever had to pay before like electric and rent. You could even be paying on your college loans already. You shouldn’t wait until after college to be responsible with your finances, the best day to begin that journey is today.

8. Find My iPhone or Find My Phone


There are versions of this app on both iPhone and Android and it’s 100% necessary to have them set up. In college and basically all phases of life, you are faced with situations that make losing your phone more likely. And as this article has so clearly pointed out, you need your cell phone. Once you have this app installed it can lock your phone, set off an alarm in case it’s just misplaced in your house somewhere, and give you a GPS location for the cell phone. It’s a life saver and you need it.

9. Google Drive


Google Drive is great for storing any large files you are working on and for transferring them between devices. If you are working on a document on your computer and want to see it on your phone or tablet, you just drag it into your drive and can easily pull it up. This particular storage option is really nice too because it is Google and therefore works flawlessly with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail, and any other Google tool you may use for class.

10. Lift


Lift is a special app because it specifically tracks and reminds you to follow personal goals. Being in college is sometimes a whirlwind of work and different activities. It can be easy to forget to work towards certain tasks like drinking more water, or calling your parents. This app sets reminders and lets you track progress for keeping touch with the little accomplishments in life that you can be proud of.

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  1. Very helpful content! Thanks the post. for I’m going to also suggest DigiPill. It’s an app that uses musical therapy and hypnosis to help people fall asleep, relax, get motivated ect. It sounds unrealistic and crazy but it actually works.


  2. This list is extremely helpful! Thank you for sharing these! I live in Germany and wasn’t familiar with most of these, but this would make my upcoming quarter as a new Grad student so much easier!


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