A Letter To The Broken

Above is a video that I made one afternoon when I found myself overwhelmed with my own broken state, and that of so many other people in this world.


Dear broken ones,


There is no way to prepare yourself for heartache in this world. There is no armor. No matter how much we guard our hearts, no one is invincible. Pain is inevitable. It’s humanizing and humbling. It’s terrifying and all-encompassing. It’s powerful. It can strike quickly like a heart attack, or slowly like a long, degenerating disease of the soul. One of the most dangerous abilities that pain has is the power to make us each feel alone. This notion seems completely ridiculous if you assess it logically. So many people in this world face unimaginable demons. We all know that, yet when we are the ones facing the demons, we feel we are facing them alone.

It has become second nature to display a sort of facade to the rest of the world when we are in pain. It isn’t difficult to determine why we then feel so alone. Each person has made sadness and struggle a personal war, therefore we don’t see that others are going through the same trials and tribulations that we face. I am guilty of it as well. I’m writing this letter to you to tell you that sadness isn’t something you have to face alone.

I am here. We are all here. I am here for any friend that needs to reach out to me. I am here for any stranger that needs a friend. I am here, and you can be there for others too. I want to propose a different way to overcome pain. What if we lived in a world where the answer to the question “What’s wrong?” is not “Nothing.” What if we reached out to people we barely knew? What if we actually opened up to every person that took the moment to ask? What if we spread letters like this one and continually let the world know we are here? Because we have all been broken. Therefore, we are one.

Life can be a lonely place when we feel disconnected from the humanity around us. We get wrapped up in a lifestyle of hard work, and forget about the true work in this world that is to be done. We are here for people. We are here to love and be loved. We are here to overcome struggles and imperfections, and accomplish genuine greatness. We are here to break, and rebuild. We are here together.

Broken ones, you will bring beautiful and magnificent joy to this world. You are worthy of happiness and rays of light to shine on your face as you emerge from the shadows. You are special. You are valued. You are loved. I have been broken. I am broken right now in so many ways. But I don’t feel alone, because I have you, and you have me. Don’t let the darkness consume you. Reach out to those that you love. Go call someone at this exact moment if it’s what you need. Open your heart to them. Let the world know how you feel. Don’t make yourself alone. Be strong. Be brave. Share hugs and kisses. Cry when you have to. Scream when it boils up in your chest. Talk about it. Believe in your ability to overcome anything. Share this letter. Share words like these with the people in your life.


Share both happiness and sadness. Replace pain with love.


Love Always,

Someone who is just like you.

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  1. Very beautifully done but your video didn’t represent one reason for being broken, losing a loved one in the military. I lost my first born and only son eight years ago in Afghanistan, he was only 22. I’ve been broken ever since.


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