22 Painful Moments Every Woman Has When Sleeping Beside A Man


Trying to sleep with a male is not for the faint of heart…


1. The initial misconception you have that sleeping together will be this cute and cuddly little heaven.

giphy (68)
Only to have reality and drool stomp on your dreams.


2. There’s the snoring, because I swear every single man snores.

giphy (69)
And this ridiculous info-commercial is completely accurate because you are definitely guilty of nudging them awake mid-snore as you just about reach insanity.


3. The snores that violently wake them up on their own.

ezgif.com-resize (5)
Well, that sounded like you were choking on spit. Awesome.


4. The few short moments you have after they’ve paused the snores. You have to rapidly try to fall asleep.

Sleep brain. Sleep brain. Sleep brain. DAMN IT HE IS SNORING AGAIN.


5. The constant position changing.

giphy (70)
Why in god’s name can you not just hold still? Why?


6. The absurd spasms and jerks that often result in your getting injured.

giphy (79)
Sorry babe, did I spaz again? Yeah, you just punched me in the face, no big deal.


7. When they try to be cuddly and actually just suffocate you.

No, it’s cool I didn’t want to breathe or anything.


8. The immense amount of heat that is constantly projecting off of them.

giphy (94)


9. The moments when you are still awake and you contemplate attacking them for it.

giphy (74)
Just one pillow smack to the face. He probably won’t even know it was me.


11. When they do something like this.

ezgif.com-resize (6)
I will kill you. I may be small but I have long nails and sharp teeth.


13. When they actually have consistent enough jerks that you start to wonder if they are having a seizure.

Are you dreaming? What is even going on?






giphy (72)
If it doesn’t end up on your face, that’s like a good night.


16. The weird movements they make when sleeping that resemble only the most awkward of actions.

giphy (82)
What are you doing…You know what, I really don’t want to know.


17. When one of the jerks, snores, or random movements wakes them up, they think it’s the morning, and start talking to you.

 ezgif.com-resize (7)


18. Worst of all, morning comes along, and you look like this…

ezgif.com-resize (8)


19. And then this happens.

ezgif.com-resize (10)
You’re joking, right?


20. And. They. Won’t. Stop.

ezgif.com-resize (9)


21. When people ask you how you slept.

giphy (83)



22. Then there are the moments you remember that you actually like that sleeping dofus, and this is the price you have to pay.


Sweet dreams, ladies.


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  1. my physician who was diagnosing my husband’s snoring problem also said that changing lifestyle dramatically reduces several symptoms of snoring like changing the sleeping position or cutting down on different things like alcohol, etc. Between this was funny


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