10 Annoying Assumptions College Girls Are Totally Sick Of


“No, I don’t want you to do a body shot off of me….ever.”


1. We just party, all of the time.

We don’t study. We don’t have jobs. We don’t read books. Just lots and lots of cheap alcohol funneling down our throats. False. Just because a girl is in college and may decide to go to the bar or parties at times, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have plenty of other responsibilities and priorities. Should we start Instagramming photos of homework and cleaning the bathroom instead?


2. We go out with the sole purpose of being the object of sexual pursuit for every sloppy jack ass that walks our way. 

Many times, we college ladies go out with our friends to actually get to spend time with them. Just because we are out does not mean we are interested in “hooking up” with you, like at all. So, to the guy who walked up to me at a party and called me an “F*cking Tease” for being present at a party and talking only to my girl friends, go to hell.


3. We want to make out with each other.

Just because I am drinking does not mean I suddenly have the urge to temporarily convert my sexuality for your entertainment. I blame the movies for this one. You make out.


4. We are ready to strip as soon as you tell us you’re an athlete.

I understand you work really hard and it probably occupies a large amount of your time. I respect that. That being said, the entitlement is getting a little old. Is your mind as beautiful as your six-pack?


5. We are always down for casual sex.

Every woman is entitled to her sexual preferences and choices. Being comfortable with casual sex is not some kind of requisite for entering the college lifestyle. Furthermore, those that have done so at times, don’t always, and don’t always have to after that point. The assumption that all girls in college have the same ideas for their sex lives is unfair.


6. We dress the same. 

Minimal clothing is the uniform for going out, yoga pants and UGG boots are the uniform for class. NO. Don’t insult us by saying we all have the same style preferences. Just don’t even go there.


7. We are throwing away the college experience if we choose to have a boyfriend.

Honestly, what exactly is the “college experience” and why is it apparently impossible to have when you’re in a relationship? A good life experience means a lot of friends, laughter, learning, and moments that make you feel free and alive. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to feel free and alive alongside of your special guy. Stop assuming that every female in college that is committed to someone else is incapable of fully experiencing that time in her life.


8. We all fit into one particular college created social mold.

If a girl is in a sorority, that doesn’t necessarily mean she fits the “sorority girl” stereotype. If a girl is on a sports team, she isn’t just “one of the lax girls.” Stereotypes and cliques should be left behind in high school. I met girls from all different involvements on campus that are incredibly complex and different from one another.


9. We only drink to get drunk.

Casual drinking still exists in college…MIND BLOWN.


10. We care what you think.

Let’s get something straight. Being in college often means freedom and fun, but it also means establishing an independent and confident sense of self. Being a “college girl” also means being the kind of young woman who is really tired of dealing with people’s BS. So, go ahead and try to tell us who we are supposed to be and what kind of stereotype you expect us to fulfill. I dare you.





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  1. Were I your professor, I’d congratulate you on a thoughtful list, worthy of further thought and investigation. And then I’d suggest that you develop your thinking regarding each point you made. These points are obviously important to you, and college is the time to figure out WHY they are important. Once you graduate, your life will become far too busy with mundane matters to spare the time for deep reflection.


  2. Going to a small liberal arts school eliminated some of this stereotype for me. Making it known from day 1 that I was there to work, not to party, eliminated a little more. I’m really glad to not have to deal with “Well why aren’t you coming out?” one night and “can you help me memorize my lines?” the next anymore. I had so many people trying to tell me the type of person I should have been in college. And now I’m the only person from my major in my graduating class who is actually working in my field. I say take those stereotypes and shove it.


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