12 Girl Struggles Winter Plagues Us With


The weather outside is frightful, and in no way delightful.

1. Cleaning the snow off of our cars.

giphy (96)

Men just grab the ice scraper and reach across the windshield and on top of the car with complete ease. Our arms are NOT that long. We have to do this weird shuffle around the car to reach both sides and exert serious energy to try to reach the top of it. Snow on our cars is the bane of female existence in the winter.

2. Tights.

giphy (97)

Any and everything about tights is a pain in the ass. They rip, they ride up, and they really don’t make you much warmer anyway. Tights are an evil winter accessory.

3. Going broke from the holidays.

giphy (99)

Let’s face it, women typically take Christmas way more seriously than men do. By the time I am done with Christmas presents, crafts, desserts, and decorations, I have to eat ramen for like the next three months. Christmas breaks the freaking bank.

4. Trying to dress formally without getting frostbite.

ezgif-resize (2)

It doesn’t matter how you wear a dress, you will absolutely freeze your butt off either way. There is no winning. If you have to dress formally for any event, you usually just accept that you won’t feel your legs for the next few hours.

5. Unbearably chapped lips. 


The winter destroys your poor little lips. Then you have to stock up on ChapStick that your hair gets stuck in from the wind anyway. This is such a first-world problem, but it’s a testament to winter’s evil ways just the same.

6. Static.


It’s everywhere.

7. Driving in the snow.

ezgif-resize (1)

Some women like to drive and are great at it. I, however, think it’s incredibly suspect that I was even given a driver’s license and consider my driving in the snow to be downright hazardous to the well-being of society.

8. Trying to get motivated to go out.


People still want you to go out with them and have a raging good time, winter style. The problem is, is that going out in the winter seems miserable. Getting the motivation to want to dress up, not wear a coat, and go somewhere in the cold, is next to impossible. ESPECIALLY if it involves you doing a lot of walking in the frozen tundra. It’s very challenging to not become incredibly boring during the winter…

 9. Taking way too many naps.

ezgif-resize (4)

LOLZ. I’m totally kidding. There is no such thing.

10. Finding shoes that are remotely appropriate for the snow.

ezgif-resize (5)

For whatever reason, women’s shoes are just not built for the snowy weather. Your feet are either wet and freezing or you look like this dude.

11. The amount of money spent on coffee.

ezgif-resize (3)

If I didn’t have the summer time to give me a little break from profuse coffee shop spending, I may have had to drop out of college by now. There are always a ton of “seasonal” flavors to that we just have to buy. Basically, the coffee shops suck every last dime out of us with their promotions knowing their coffee is the only thing keeping our little fingers from falling off.

12. “Cuffing Season”


All of a sudden everyone around you is pairing up like the winter is some kind of apocalypse and we all have to rapidly reproduce to save humanity. Should you get a boyfriend? Do you want one? Maybe…Or maybe you should just continue to date Netflix and Nutella and call it a day.

Happy Winter.

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  1. I so completely agree with the driving thing. I love walking in snow (although good point about women’s shoes – how hard is it to make relatively attractive snow boots?!) and admiring it from my cozy couch with a cup of coffee, but driving is terrifying.


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