14 Reasons To Go Natural Today

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I want to propose a bit of a challenge. I’m not asking you to do anything drastic. I’m not going to instruct all women to grab their make-up bags filled with carefully chosen, expensive products, and give them a swift toss into the garbage can. You don’t have to start dumping out the hair products and foundation just yet, but hear me out. It’s just a day.

What difference can one day really make? The fact is that all of the alterations we create in our preferred appearance, damages our true shell. The less you altar your appearance, the healthier your natural body is, and your mind. It begins with one day. One day you can decide to let your curly hair flow and bright blue eyes shine without any covering. One day you can let your skin breathe, and your hair go untouched by intense heat and sticky gunk. One day, and you start looking in the mirror and getting familiar with the person looking back at you. One day, and you start looking people into the eyes of those around you without shame of your true appearance, knowing they see you in natural form and feeling that genuine invigoration of self.

One day, and then some days you find that when you don’t have much time to get ready, and it doesn’t bother you. One day starts to turn into many days. It becomes any day. You start feeling healthier, cleaner and happier because you’re no longer at the mercy of your products. You choose. The alterations and pressures fade as a part of your personality, and become a supplement to the extraordinary, and remarkable beauty that lies within.
Here are a few simple, and easy reasons to start thinking about a few more natural days.

  1. You’ll save money if you start cutting back. A study by finance website Mint.com found that the average women spends $15,000 on make-up in her lifetime.
  2. You may start to like the way you look more.
  3. Your hair will be healthier. Head and Shoulders research found that “91% of U.S. women continue to damage their hair almost every day.”
  4. Foundation gets so far into your skin from continuous application that it clogs deeper than you usually are able to wash out at night, causing acne and blemishes.
  5. Rotating days with and without foundation allows your skin to be more deeply cleansed and then become naturally clearer.
  6. Studies show that people actually find a more natural look more attractive, A 2014 study conducted by the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology found that there was an overwhelming preference for people wearing 30-40% less makeup.
  7. Smearing isn’t an issues. You can actually rub your eyes.
  8. Wearing mascara everyday actually leads to the damage of your real lashes, gradually making them thinner and less healthy.
  9. Make-up that you keep for too long can cause skin infections and extreme irritation.
  10. StyleCaster found that “out of 33 brands tested, about 60 percent of lipsticks were found to contain lead.” Basically, you’re probably pretty unaware of what actually composes the substances going on your face every day…I know I am.
  11. You don’t even want to know the chemicals in hairspray and different products that you are ingesting daily.
  12. You’ll travel much lighter and won’t have to constantly worry about re-application.
  13. You’ll save time. The Today Show found that “Women spend an average of 55 minutes every day working on their appearance.” That’s two full weeks every year.
  14. You’ll feel and be working towards more genuine confidence. Today also found that 60 percent of adult women have negative thoughts about themselves weekly. We can change that statistic.


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